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Oh my Lord & Taylor.

Rejoining the LJ world, major reconstruction is over.

I might use this as, like, an actual Journal this time.

I know, right?

Probably more icons, too. Fanmixes. Whatever.
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I can't even think about sleeping...

I'm really awake. Really, really, Really, REALLY effing awake.

I just spent the last 2 hours preparing HTML and cover art for a music post, and MediaFire didn't upload more than half my files because it, like all other file upload sites, is a bitch. *sigh*

And so now I'm waiting for the leaked Interpol album to download. "36 minutes remaining". *double sigh* I'm actually quite excited for it, which is only furthering my completely sleepless state.

People's cute little ~fake spoilers~ for HPDH (icons, stupid comments, etc.) are really starting to piss me off. Because, even if it is fake, it basically shows a complete lack of consideration for fans who just want to be surprised. Is that honestly too much to ask? It's bad enough I'm going to have to boycott Teh Intarwebz at LEAST 2 weeks before the book comes out.

"32 minutes remaining."

Should I attempt sleeping? Probably. See you all on the other side.

ETA: I just noticed that I have a total of 123 messages in my LJ inbox. Yay for digits in ascending order.
rhyme, secret, Quoth the Crow

Boobs are great.

They are seriously one of the best things about estrogen.

I was at Borders earlier tonight. I knocked a couple of books off my summer reading list (Lolita and I, Lucifer) and bought Flowers for Algernon, which I hadn't planned on. I took all that, plus the latest issues of Blender and Spin to the counter and started talking to the check-out guys. I'm not really in the practice of striking on conversations with cashiers, but I like the ones at our local Borders. They're nice and don't criticize my purchases, unlike the record store people. (*sigh*) But I digress.

I walked up to closest free one and I commented on the cheesy "Snape: Friend or Foe?" nametag things they have to wear. I asked if he wore it with the "friend" side up because he actually thought so or because it's what they gave him. So we got into this SNAPEISNOTEVILOMG debate with the guy at the register next to us, etc. I spotted these Really Super Nifty Promo Gift Cards they had with the HP7 cover art on them, made 3D. (This is the part where the boobs come in.) I was wearing a fairly low-cut teal striped tunic and I, if I may say so, looked pretty good. Yeah, well, clearly the late-shift dudes thought so, too. They let me take one of those Really Super Nifty Gift Cards for free! EEE! So, I've learned to appreciate the benefits of being a friendly girl with a v-neck top.

I would scan the thing, except that would ruin the 3D effect, so what's the point?
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fuck you and the horse you rode in on


I just finished Animal Farm.

I would say something coherent, except now I can't sleep because I know I'm going to dream of Boxer being carted away to the slaughterhouse. No, no, no, no, no.

Whenever I read George Orwell this happens. When I read 1984 I couldn't sleep either. DOES Winston get shot? Or DOESN'T Winston get shot??? We will never know. And it's semi-cryptic thoughts like this that keep me awake at night.

It also doesn't help that my choir uniform is gone (the one that I must return or I won't get my grades for this year) or that I might be demoted to a regular (as opposed to honors) English class next year because of how I did on my final. And also that my purse got stolen, which had my cell phone, iPod, and money in it.

Yeah, this week's been fabulous. *eyeroll*

On the bright side, finals are over, summer is here, I'M GOING TO SEE FALL OUT BOY TOMORROW OMG, and I'm seeing mah best friend on Sunday for a POTC-Knocked Up double feature.

Now excuse me while I go ponder the ethics of communism for the next two hours, and then fall asleep.

P.S. Icon post coming soon, for anyone who cares. Harry and the Potters themed (mostly)!
harry's sucky memory


20 Harry Potter icons

17 OotP
1 CoS
1 PoA
1 promo portrait (of Snape)

Blank ones can be used as bases, but with credit, please =)

The trailers for OotP are fantastic; I cannot WAIT to see this movie! The Weasley departure especially. ALSKJksjlajfldkjaslkfjd:LJLFKSJdfkfjsldjfsldfk. Yay.

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